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Technical Support

This section is designed to be a support resource for customers running the Fungitell assay or those considering adding the test to their test menu. Links to publications and other resources can be found under the Reference Information tab.

Recommended Sampling

Serum samples should be collected in sterile vacuum tubes, allowed to clot, and then centrifuged to separate the clot from the serum, i.e., for approximately 1800 rpm for 10 minutes in a clinical centrifuge. Remove the serum sample under asceptic conditions and aliquot to storage vials. Please provide at least 0.5 mL of serum separated from the clot and shipped cold or frozen on ice packs or dry ice..

Serum is the only sample type that is currently approved for use with the Fungitell assay. Serum that is hemolyzed, lipemic, or visually icteric or turbid is not suitable for use with the Fungitell assay.

Because a fungal infection is a dynamic process repeat testing, typically 2-3 times per week, improves sensitivity. Time courses of serum BG levels through the course of an infection have been shown to exhibit a rising level which falls in response to efficacious therapy.


Training for the Fungitell Assay is available by special request to our Clinical Development Department. Please call Customer Service at 508-540-3444 or email us at custservice@acciusa.com to notify ACC of your request. Please provide your name, institution, and contact particulars. Call for information and pricing. Training can be provided at our facility in East Falmouth, Massachusetts or on-site at your facility.

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